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April 14, 2010

The mobile is the future

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The mobile is indeed the future. Korea, Japan and to some extent even China has made impressive strides with mobile applications. India lags behind considerably despite having close to 300 million subscribers. The Facebook on the mobile was the catalyst; though few acknowledge its contribution.

Eric Schmidt reinforces the view in this interview.

I particularly like Eric’s statement that large IT apps are inflexible, late and complex. That is an understatement.

The other thing is that more apps are moving to the Web and while it has gained momentum in the consumer space, the Enterprise is still to embrace the Apps on the Web paradigm. It will take time. I also agree that barring the critical and classified part of the government apps, more government apps can be Web based and hence a lot of scope for open source apps, something that I spoke about in Reengineering Government apps last year.


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  1. […] believe in open platforms.. Our efforts in mobile are a great example of this at work. Schmidt said Google is taking mobile first approach. Your Smartphone knows where you are, so this location launched near-me-now. Turns your location […]

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