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February 18, 2009

Microsoft, hurry up!

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The cloud computing battle is being fought on multiple fronts including creating some confusion in everyone’s minds. It is no longer being considered a niche and the next 12-18 months will see it become mainstream.

IBM has increasingly become aggressive and has teamed up with Amazon Web services to deliver its software.

While Amazon had deals with players like, OpenSolaris, MySQL, RedHat, this deal with IBM is significant because it gives Amazon the clout and respectability for the enterprise.

The interesting question is what happens to Microsoft? Microsoft announced Azure which I referred to here, but didn’t put in any aggressive plans to pursue this with a backward cloud model. Perhaps Microsoft will offer a Cloud OS sometime in the future.

With this deal, Microsoft would be left with no choice but to adopt the cloud model quickly and aggressively across all its software product range. The other key decision that Microsoft would have to make is if the Microsoft cloud can connect to the rest of the clouds be it Google, or Amazon or other private cloud.

IBM will also have a significant advantage as it can drive more cloud economics — hardware, storage, infrastructure software and other applications and can build completely new pricing models to gain market leadership.

Microsoft cannot afford to lose any more time. Microsoft has to rally with its developers and close the gap.

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