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May 2, 2008

A crorepati (millionaire) who lives with his dreams in a hut

We have seen and heard several rags to riches stories. All of them are invariably breathtaking and serve as an inspiration. This story is different.

Sarathbabu is not different because he has managed to graduate from a top engineering school and from IIM (A)– the leading business school in India. He is not different because he turned an after graduating, when he could have easily had the pick of best jobs both in India and overseas. He is different because he chose a line of business that’s deeply linked to his roots.

He is different because he answered his conscience call –one of the reasons for going into this specific line of business is that he can provide employment to lots of people and making an impact on society. His vision, enthusiasm and the cause that he has undertaken is indeed compelling. To him entrepreneurship is not about creating wealth or being independent, but as a means to uplift the poor. He is different because he took the road less traveled despite all the trials and tribulations.

Today he has a car that he brought for his mother who struggled to put him through school. He still prefers to live in the same hut where he was raised.

Read his interview as he shares his experience in the food business.

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