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April 27, 2008

Forgiveness the sweetest form of revenge

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The Times of India one of India’s leading dailies carries a beautiful piece on Priyanka’s meeting with Nalini which was covered here.

It logically lays out why forgiveness is perhaps the only means out to forget deep hurt and injury. It also brings out the distinction between forgiving and forgetting.

“Forgiving someone is the best way of stepping neatly out of that time zone and ensuring that they, rather than you, suffer the fall-out of the episode. When Priyanka Vadra decided to meet Nalini, co-accused in her father, Rajiv Gandhi’s murder, she didn’t go for Nalini’s sake; she went for her own peace of mind — to attempt a closure on the grief that has haunted her for years. She went not so much to forgive, but to be released of the pain that had her in its grip. With this act she released herself of the burden of the past. If her tears also released the guilt Nalini had held onto for years, then that was incidental.”

Summed up the motivation and the collateral benefit very well.

Viewed in this way, some detractors may even call the forgiveness comes from a purely selfish motive, but even if it does, it comes out from a maturity that’s really rare and a courage of conviction that’s still more rarer.

Forgiving releases one from pain. “It is far easier to forgive someone when you believe that we are all responsible for our actions and pay for the same. We can let go of feelings of vengeance when we understand that God has His own way of balancing out everything. The Law of Karma dictates that we benefit with our good actions and suffer for our bad acts.”.

On the contrary, the Indian Express columnist continues his tirade against the Gandhi-Nehru family. I have no problems if his engagement has been purely around political policy or their public life, but despite Priyanka clearly stating that it was a private visit, Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni continues to harangue her with his innuendoes. Unlike the Congress which he accuses of playing politics with Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, it is indeed Mr. Kulkarni who’s attempting to do so, by mixing a purely private and personal exploration with political significance.

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