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June 4, 2007

Why employees leave organizations?

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“People leave managers, not companies” is often the fact, especially in the 21st century, where there’s a demand for talent. However, while most managers accept this, at a cognitive level, rarely do they make the necessary changes in their behavior to become accommodative.

It is also true that most Managers do not take responsibility when their subordinates or team mates leave and in turn blame the system and factors which are beyond their control. While this could be true in specific cases, in my experience their reporting manager cannot escape the responsibility.

I have often observed that managers who develop even a modicum of coaching and mentoring skills are more successful in retaining people. And even if people under them leave, for better prospects, they hold the manager in high regard. Ex Managers become their friends and mentors. I talked about the nature of bosses here

Thanks to a very good manager that I had in my early days as an engineer, I gained useful insights in understanding and managing teams. Not that I have always been successful with my direct reports, but most of them have kept in touch with me over the years and have always agreed to work with me, should the right opportunity come about.

The article by Azim Premji CEO and Chairman of Wipro emphasizes this aspect. The complete article is available here.

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