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May 29, 2007

Narayana Murthy’s shares his life lessons

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Narayana Murthy’s talks on various occasions have always left me inspired. In this talk at the 2007 commencement ceremony at NYU Stern, he highlights the importance of the mind set amongst many things.

He quotes psychologist Carol Dweck and clearly distinguishes between a fixed mind set and a growth mind set. One critical factor that decides whether one can cultivate the growth mind set is the ability to continuously learn — be it from one’s own experience (as Mr. Murthy highlights) or through other sources. I have often found that the courage to reflect and see the experience through multiple view points as the key ingredient in shaping one’s mind set.

Most times we analyze failures not for what it offers as a source of learning, but more often to fix things. While fixing things is necessary, we often ignore what caused the underlying failure and the kind of mind set that led to it. No wonder, sometimes we repeat the same set of mistakes. Worse, few of us even bother to analyze success, because we take it for granted that it was due to one’s abilities. We are often in a hurry to replicate it, without having understood why we succeeded in the first place.

Mr. Murthy also talks about chance events shaping one’s future, something that applies to most of us, though few of us give credit to it.

It is also amazing how he adheres to simple age old values, has his courage of his conviction and does not hesitate to take the big bold step when needed. It is the faith in oneself and of the future that act as the catalyst.

All in all, his advice is relevant not just to the students, but to leaders and managers alike.

Truly spoken as a statesman.

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  1. […] The reflective mind determines how rational a person is. When and how one’s reflective mind springs into action is determined by a number of behavioral attributes including whether one is dogmatic, flexible, open minded and so so. Most importantly it also depends on whether one has fixed mindset or a growth mindset. […]

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