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March 11, 2007

I often encounter SCATE

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Just came across the nice little piece on SCATE. It makes not only interesting reading, but paints the reality as it exists in the management world.

Most management issues are not necessarily complex, but not simplistic either. The issues are rarely uni-dimensional, and often cover multiple facets. But, somehow there’s always a section of leadership, which often believes in an overly simplistic diagnosis and hence prefer a SCATE approach.

And people who prefer the SCATE approach often end up taking the shot gun approach and live with a feeling that they are dealing with the problem, though they only go through the motions.

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  1. […] data analysis will simplify the problem is indeed a seductive thought. Worse people adopt the SCATE approach, without fully realizing that they could be misled. In all my consulting approaches, I tend to use […]

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