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February 16, 2007

Two great visionaries chat with honesty

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It is rare to see 2 great Indian visionaries chat about a range of business issues with such honesty, clarity, mutual respect and share nuggets of wisdom.

Both of them have been role models for me. Almost 20 years back, when I was a rookie sales person for an indigenously developed CAD/CAM workstation (and Wipro was selling SUN workstations),  I walked over to the Wipro booth and invited Mr. Premji to visit our booth after giving him my business card at an industry trade show. Three hours later, he visited our booth and was looking for me. He spent close to 30 minutes, sitting on a very ordinary chair as I did the product demo and wished me well.

3 years later, I met him at the Mumbai airport. I went up to him and introduced myself. He immediately recognised me and enquired about me. It was indeed a great moment for me.

Though both of them are great business leaders, I think Mr. Murthy’s contribution is phenomenal. He has been a trend setter of sorts, and today he is not only the role model for all Indians, but could be called as an industry statesman. I can highlight many of the things for which I hold Mr. Murthy in respect, but the manner in which he gracefully retired and occupies himself with greater issues that plague the country qualifies him to be an icon. No wonder, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore’s Mentor Minister and one of the founding fathers) suggested to him to run for a political office.

This interview is really an eye opener as these 2 great visionaries discuss what it takes to have the global mindset and how Indian companies are embracing that.

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