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February 2, 2007


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I posted on what I consider to be one of the successful traits of a manager. Read it here.

Well, there is an interesting article on Why Leadership Means Listening in Business Week.

What was interesting to me is how people related to Bill Clinton, than to Bill Gates. And this statement resonated with me the most: "Goldsmith calls listening the one skill that separates the great from the near-great. He makes an important observation. Goldsmith points out that when we’re on a date we focus intently on what the other person has to say. The same goes when talking to our boss or pitching a new client. The difference, Goldsmith says, is that the super-successful maintain that level of focus all the time. Be a super-success by listening more and talking less"

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  1. […] changes that Steve wants to bring within himself. I have to say that while they seem trivial, both listening deeply and keeping the fine balance between positive thinking and realism is very important. Listening […]

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