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January 15, 2007

Levels and degrees of competition

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What makes a company competitive and what are the competitive elements that companies use for growth? In my view, companies compete at various levels and here are some of the competitive elements.

First, companies compete with their product or service offerings. They strive for quality, product performance, customer satisfaction and attempt to gain customer loyalty.

Second, companies compete in the financial domain. They want high returns on investments, low costs, access to cheap capital whenever necessary.

Third, companies compete in technology. They want to bring products to the market first, improve their processes and become more agile. They want to develop new products quicker than the competition.

Fourth, companies compete with their organizations and people. They want a corporate culture which breeds success, and a well trained work force. They build a visionary organization and ensure alignment between the various groups of the organization.

Fifth, companies compete with their business models. They build barriers to entry, unique differentiation and create a revenue and profit model which is difficult to replicate.

Sixth, companies compete with marketing and advertising. Building a unique brand, strong affiliation with their market segments and increased customer intimacy are somethings they build.

Seventh, companies compete by building strategic alliances. They leverage on alliances to build and strengthen their business eco- system to marginalize competition.

Eighth, companies compete with their reputation. They manage and improve their relationships with the media, customers, vendors, financial institutions and government agencies.


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Reconcile with your heart

Whatever happens– good or bad, accept the truth with ease.

Some people love you, some just can’t;

Some are sunk in debts, some do not owe a penny to anyone.

It is this way due to different habits of different people

It is also the law of nature that everybody is not like everybody else.

Some people will trick you, and you will trick some,

Others will enjoy things, and some will be left for your pleasure too.

From ages unknown this has been the rule (governing life)

Will you be that fortunate to avoid all conflicts (wounds and scars)?

Reconcile with your heart:

Whatever happens – good or bad, accept the truth with ease.

After a long perilous journey, when you are relieved to finally anchor

By the port of peace and happiness

Just then the hidden mountains in the sea wreck the ship of your heart.

All your ribs break into pieces with pain

So what? Does it mean you have to blame everyone else before dying?

If you can survive by floating on the surface, that’s the best;

But if you can’t, don’t be ashamed to get drowned without a single word.

Your case is not unique- the ship always sinks where nobody fears it.

Reconcile with your heart:

Whatever happens – good or bad, accept the truth with ease.